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Electric Body Massager for Neck, Shoulders and Back

Take time off to relax your neck, shoulders and back – they deserve it.
Bid goodbye to aching body with OSIM’s series of upper body massagers.

In our over 40 years in the business, OSIM has made life better and brighter for thousands of people. With branches in hundreds of cities across the globe, our reach is only growing bigger. This is proof that commitment to excellence and want the best for everyone are pathways to success.

One of the ways we’re continuing to make people’s lives better is through our collection of the best body massager machines in the UK. With everyone’s busy schedules, it’s easy to forget to take care of one’s body. OSIM UK helps make doing this easier with the introduction of our neck and shoulder electric massagers.

From a handgrip shoulder massager to an ergonomic seat-like back massager, every product in this collection is engineered to give the often-stiff parts of your body a good sore-relieving massage. Using our patented technology, you can say goodbye to all the stiffness, aches and pain in your upper back.

Plenty of people apply a certain nonchalant attitude when it comes to the body’s different aches and pains. They act like these are feelings one can ignore and will go away.

But not addressing the causes of the different aches in your body only makes the problem worse and affect more than just your body. According to the Office of the National Statistics, musculoskeletal problems, such as back pain and neck pain, are the most common causes of absence from work across the United Kingdom.

At OSIM UK, we strive to give everyone the comfort they need and deserve. This is why we have developed a collection of upper body massagers, perfect for alleviating pain in your neck and shoulders!

Our upper body massagers are designed for easy use and maximum comfort. You can use them while you’re sitting in front of your laptop working or when you’re just lounging in bed. Equipped with our innovative massage technology, our upper body massager machines will make you feel like you’re being massaged by a professional.

Why sit in an uncomfortable office chair that does nothing for you all day when you can rest your upper body on OSIM UK’s uJolly back massager?
This ergonomically designed electric body massager can be placed on top of your regular chair or sofa so you can sit comfortably while receiving a human-like massage on your upper back. This is made possible by our all-new V-Grip Technology, which works along the contours of your body, particularly your shoulders and lumbar area.

For people who are in a hunched over position most of the time, OSIM UK’s uMoby Neck Massager provides neck muscle relief in one compact device.
Whether it’s because of the nature of your job or the constant use of mobile devices, this position causes neck pain that takes forever to go away. But with uMoby Neck Massager, you can soothe sore neck muscles anytime!

This massager is equipped with our innovative Hand-Grip Massage technology, which uses specially designed rollers engineered to emulate the gripping action a professional masseuse uses to alleviate deep-seated aches and tension from your neck and shoulders.

uCozy 3D
Sometimes, neck pillows just cause more discomfort than relief. But not OSIM UK’s uCozy 3d. This lightweight 3D neck and shoulder massager looks like a small pillow that you can place behind your neck and shoulders, as well as your back and thighs.
It emits soothing warmth together with a gentle kneading motion that works together to alleviate muscle aches.

Relax Your Upper Back
Effective and easy to use, OSIM UK’s upper body massagers are just the tools you need to achieve proper relaxation at home. Get yours today!