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Prices will rise 5-8% quarterly through 2024-25 due to increased costs; act now to lock in current rates.

Gaming Chairs

Our new innovative gaming chairs have built-in massagers which give you the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. With customisable professional masseuse functions, this gaming massage chair can help your body with the right massage and target the areas you want.
And not only are the massage functions customisable, but so is the chair itself. The reclining function, adjustable height and adjustable armrests help give you the right ergonomics to stay sitting comfortably for long periods and assist with keeping your focus on gaming, not pain.
The lumbar support and massage also takes the stress and pain away from your lower back, a common area for soreness and pain especially after intense gaming sessions. The memory foam headrest pillow also aids you to sink into the chair with more comfort, providing relief for your neck muscles.
Our gaming massage chairs also make for great office chairs, giving you the option of having a pain relieving massage whilst powering through your work day. After your done with your work at the home office, you can transition straight into gaming, whether to wind down and relax or to go all out and blow off some steam.
Get the competitive edge you need and purchase the perfect gaming massage chair for your pc, playstation or xbox sessions with OSIM today.