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Air Purifiers, Humidifiers & Water Purifiers

Improve your air quality at home for a healthier you with OSIM’s air purifier and humidifier.

OSIM UK has been in the business of wellbeing for over 40 years. As a global leader in products that promote a healthy lifestyle, we encourage everyone to live their best lives one innovation at a time.

Every day, we continue to reinvent our brand. We come up with more creative concepts and develop products that people use to alleviate pain and relieve stress.

Some of these products are our air purifier and air humidifier. Though far from the massage machines that make up most of our product line, air purifiers supplement the benefits massagers provide by removing pollutants in your indoor space. Humidifiers, meanwhile, add moisture to the air you breathe, helping you prevent irritation in different parts of your body due to dry air.

With our air purifier and humidifier, as well as the tools that make them function better, you can breathe easier and sleep better at home.

With car exhaust and billowing clouds of smog from industrial plants, it’s easy to think that outdoor air pollution is one of the biggest threats to your health.

However, when you think about the fact that the average person in the UK spends just 8% of their time outside and that indoor air quality can be up to 10 times worse than outdoor air, you’ll realise that the air you’re breathing in right now can be more harmful to your health.

There are plenty of chemicals and other things that produce pollutants inside the home. From the smoke that results from cooking your food to using chemical cleaners for different parts of your home, all of these produce volatile organic compounds that pollute the air.

But most of these are regular activities that you cannot skip. So, having an air purifier in your home is the best way to keep your indoor air quality at the best possible level.

As a company that aims to inspire better, healthier lives, OSIM UK offers air purifiers and air humidifiers together with attachments and accessories for them. With these devices in your household, you can breathe easier knowing that the air you’re inhaling is clean and fresh.

Filter and Purify Your Indoor Air

Among OSIM UK’s selection of uVenus air purifier filters are as follows:

uVenus Fine Mesh Filter

This is the filter to use for removing larger dust particles when using your air purifier.

uVenus True HEPA Filter

Get the highest air filtration quality with the uVenus True HEPA filter.

uVenus Deodoriser Filter

Prevent the growth of bacteria and neutralise foul odours in the air with the highly absorbent uVenus Deodoriser Filter.

The Benefits of Air Purifiers and Humidifiers

As we have established above, indoor air can be highly polluted. But with OSIM UK’s uVenus air purifier outfitted with HEPA technology filters, you can remove 99.7% of pollutants circulating inside your home. Apart from this, air purifiers provide the following benefits:

  • Neutralise unpleasant odours
  • Reduce chances of contracting airborne diseases
  • Eliminate hazardous asbestos particles
  • Reduce triggers for asthma attacks
  • Trap tobacco and cigarette smoke
  • Reduce carbon dioxide levels
  • Improve sleep

It’s Time to Clear the Air

Quality, innovation and efficacy—these are the characteristics of every product under OSIM UK. In particular, though, these are the qualities we made sure are in our line of air purifiers, humidifiers and filters. With plenty of benefits, there’s no reason not to equip your home with these devices.

Get yours at OSIM UK today.