Lower Back Pain Massage, Do They Work?

Back pain is one of the most uncomfortable and crippling feelings you might experience in your life. This discomfort can be downright disabling for some people. Back pain can be caused by a number of factors – such as extensive lifting, prolonged sitting or poor sleeping habits. The more sought out information about back pain is how you can treat it.

There are many treatment methods out there, from medication such as ibuprofen to ice packs.  These are all designed to reduce some of the soreness that comes with back pain.

One of these methods is a lower back pain massage. Massages are popular remedies for pain but do they actually work? Read on to find out!

What is a lower back pain massage?

A lower back pain massage is exactly what it sounds like – a massage performed on your lower back in an attempt to reduce and decrease pain. It is usually performed by a professional massage therapist or a physiotherapist. They can also be done through the use of an electric massager.

Back massages involve a mixture of kneading, pressing and stroking of the back muscles. Lower back pain massages performed by a professional are done with oil, lotion or cream while some electric massagers use heat functions to relax muscles.

Benefits of a lower back pain massage

Benefit 1 – Reduce Back Pain

The number one benefit of a lower back pain massage is that it treats lower back pain! This is achieved in two ways:

  • Relaxing muscle and tissue
  • Improving circulation

By physically manipulating the lower back and applying pressure, the muscles experience reduced tension essentially relaxing them. Massages are able to reach deep tissue layers which target even the most tense muscles. If you’ve suffered from a stiff back, you know how uncomfortable and painful stiff, tense muscles can be! By relaxing them, the chances that sudden contractions and spasms occur is drastically reduced.

Relaxed muscles also mean that the nerves in your body are no longer compressed. Nerve compression results in pain and muscle weakness, which just adds more problems for those who have lower back pain.

A lower back pain massage also improves blood circulation in the area. Poor circulation leads to numbness, pain and cramps in affected areas. Since blood carries important nutrients and oxygen around the body, a lack of these essential properties can cause the aforementioned symptoms. By promoting and improving circulation, you make sure that your muscles are kept in working, functional health.

Benefit 2 – Increased Range of Motion

Range of motion or ROM, refers to how far or how flexible a part of your body is. For sufferers of lower back pain, their range of motion is significantly decreased. You might not be able to completely bend down or twist your torso because doing so is overwhelmingly painful. Massage therapy has been shown to be effective in overcoming a poor range of motion.

A lower back pain massage can help remedy this problem and bring back a full range of motion for your back. This is done by relaxing tense muscles which allows for looser, more flexible movement.

If you’re preparing for a long day at work or for some exercise, a quick back massage can help your body loosen up and increase your range of motion. This greatly reduces the chance of injuries such as muscle pulls and strains. The increased range of motion allows your back muscles to stretch to their full potential without risking injury.

Benefit 3 – Reduced Stress

There is a clear connection between stress and lower back pain. Essentially, those with higher stress levels suffer from greater back pain. An example of this is the tendency for those who are experiencing stress to become more sedentary. This leads to less stretching and less exercise which can result in tense, stiff back muscles.

Stress also affects the way our body innately works. When we stress, the body naturally releases certain hormones such as adrenaline. Adrenaline works to heighten our blood pressure and causes our muscles to tense up. This can contribute to lower back pain.

By having a massage which targets sore muscles and different trigger points, you can reduce the amount of stress you’re experiencing. Gentle movements and long strokes can provide relaxing and soothing sensations. Combined with the use of aromatic oils or warming heat functions,  you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing, de-stressing massage session.

Live a life free of lower back pain

It’s safe to say that a lower back pain massage is very beneficial to those with back pain. No one deserves to go through their day with the pain and discomfort of lower back pain. And even though there are a multitude of treatment options for lower back pain, there’s nothing quite like the pain relief that a lower back pain massage can give.

Regular massages can provide relief, comfort and relaxation for chronic back pain. Whether you look to a professional to perform the massage or pick up an electric massager, it’s a surefire way to help those with lower back pain.

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